Higher Education

Higher Education

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Supporting Your Mission

Supporting Your Mission

Personal, partner-level attention. A consistent team working with you year after year. And the advantages only a firm big enough to tackle your most complex challenges yet nimble enough to respond quickly to your changing needs can provide.

With Moss Adams, you get much more than just tax, assurance, and consulting services—you get strategic and timely business solutions. It’s a crucial distinction, especially at a time when heightened budgetary pressures and the disruptive impacts of globalization and new technology make managing a college or university increasingly complex.

Whether you’re looking to expand internationally or need help with IT security, you won’t have to face your challenges alone. You can rely on a trusted advisor with deep experience serving a wide range of institutions of higher education.

Who We Serve

  • Private and public colleges and universities
  • Bookstores, auxiliaries, and other supporting organizations
  • Public television and radio
  • College athletics
  • College and university foundations
  • For-profit institutions and ventures
  • International affiliates
  • Medical centers
  • Research organizations

Supporting the Future of Higher Education

The Moss Adams Foundation, created in 2004, provides funding and endowments to a variety of colleges and universities. Funding comes directly from our firm, our partners and our employees, and provides some measure of assurance that educational programs at these schools will continue to attract talented faculty and students—students we hope to hire when they graduate. Between 2004 and 2015 the foundation donated $6.6 million to institutions of higher education and humanitarian causes.

Association Involvement

Our professionals are active in standard-setting and other influential organizations, such as:

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