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R&D Tax Credit: New, Improved, and Permanent | March 9, 2016
The federal R&D tax credit has been not only made permanent but also more available to small and midsize businesses. Partner Tom Sanger explains the biggest wins.  Read more >
Reduce Estate Tax Liability with a Charitable Trust
Seattle Business | December 15, 2015
Kathryn Garrison, senior financial advisor, and Kelli Anderson, tax senior manager, explore the tax- and estate-planning pros and cons of different trust types.  Read more >
Tax Extenders’ Fate to Be Known Soon
Accounting Today | December 10, 2015
Partner Tom Sanger lends his insight on how a year-end tax break extender bill may impact the R&D tax credit, including its cost to the federal government.  Read more >

Recent Stories

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December 1, 2015

Benefits of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
October 1, 2015

Navigate Trust Distributions and Stay Out of Legal Trouble
August 19, 2015

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