Answers to 7 Commonly Asked Questions About Barrel ERP

As your brewery-based business grows, it’s important to have access to data in real time across multiple departments and locations to help manage your business.

Rather than compile multiple systems together, you can use an integrated software solution to help connect these dots. Powered by NetSuite, our proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, called Barrel ERP, allows you to manage your brewery’s business by helping to leverage meaningful real-time data across all processes areas, departments, and locations.

Here are seven of the most commonly asked questions about Barrel ERP.

1. What’s are Barrel ERP’s key features and benefits?

With Barrel ERP, every aspect of a brewery’s core business can be more easily automated and managed.

Key features include:

  • Single source of truth so you have one set of data that provides real-time insight that runs the various components of your business
  • One system that can automate controls and give visibility into all aspects of the business
  • One user interface with custom dashboard views you can use to measure the metrics important to you and your business
  • Flexible to meet needs through customizations that work with your unique requirements and a solution that easily scales with your business as it grows and gains complexity
  • A low cost of ownership through leveraging a cloud-based solution with minimal need for IT resources
  • Completely integrated accounting and production processes that automate the passing of information from operations to accounting and sales to accounting and operations
  • A connected system from end-to-end that provides for real-time key metrics—for cost of goods sold, known as COGS, for example

2. What areas of my business can Barrel ERP help me better understand?

The goal is to automate processes to help decrease your daily costs and increase control to better manage the business and gain visibility so you can make better decisions for your business.

The benefit to Barrel ERP is having a single system to achieve the automation you need to better run your business. It’s also a cloud-based, mobile-ready solution that works how you work and allows all of the process owners in your business to access relevant data that’s needed to better perform their jobs in real time.  

Barrel ERP provides deep functionality in the following areas:


3. What are the key differences between Barrel ERP and other ERPs?

Barrel ERP is built into NetSuite and made just for craft breweries to meet the current and future needs of a growing business and provide the specific functionality that makes a brewery-based business unique.

Because NetSuite is exclusively cloud-based, there’s no need for servers or IT support. The vendor manages this for you and provides critical software support.

Utilizing NetSuite, Barrel ERP can be agile and easily accessed. With a web browser and log-in credentials, you can access the software from any device, which gives you flexibility to work remotely without having to wait for updates. It also requires fewer IT resources, has lower costs to own and maintain, and allows you to easily configure the product to meet your needs.

4. How long is the implementation process? And who will provide service support?

The implementation process generally takes 60–120 days depending on two factors:

  • Your business size and complexity
  • Availability of your team to make decisions and provide data to use in the Barrel ERP solution

A Moss Adams implementation team is established to collaboratively help you solve key business challenges and gain the most from your investment. They’ll be available to provide support as necessary and can work with NetSuite on your behalf if a scenario requires additional support to resolve any software issues.

5. Is my business information secure and confidential in Barrel ERP?

Barrel ERP leverages NetSuite to provide an enterprise-wide level of world-class security protection for both the application and your data. Other security measures include role-based access, 256-bit TLS encryption, single-sign on, multifactor authentication, and more.

To provide you extra confidence and peace of mind, NetSuite can apply additional layers of security, such as application-only access and access restricted to only certain IP addresses.

6. Can Barrel ERP scale as my business grows?

Yes. Brewery-based businesses currently using Barrel ERP cover a broad spectrum in size, complexity, and business models. NetSuite doesn’t require programing to add a custom field, record, or custom report. Barrel ERP can be modified to meet your business needs today and tomorrow.

For over 20 years, NetSuite has worked with businesses that are actively growing and adapting to scale. More broadly, it has nearly 20,000 customers of varying sizes in 203 countries and dependent territories.

7. Does Barrel ERP work for hard seltzer or kombucha-type products?

Yes. Barrel ERP works for both hard seltzer and kombucha producers. For businesses like this, Barrel ERP replaces your multiple systems that handle disparate parts of your business, including Excel and manual processes. It’s also a complete brewery management tool that creates efficient and automated processes for day-to-day operations from the brew house to the warehouse.

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