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Federal, state, and local governments constantly seek ways to stimulate economic development and investment. One of the levers they manipulate most frequently is tax credits and other incentives designed to foster innovative research and development, keep businesses in certain jurisdictions, or give them a reason to move to those jurisdictions.

Businesses that leverage these incentives wisely can save significant amounts, taking money that might otherwise have gone to the IRS or a state or local department of revenue and reinvesting it in their business instead. In many cases, even if you discover that you qualify for certain credits and incentives after the fact, you can go back over a period of years and amend tax returns to take advantage of them retroactively.

We can help your business apply and qualify for the credits and incentives to which it’s entitled. We routinely discover opportunities to save our clients money on their federal, state, and local taxes and turn what would have been tax expenditures into positive cash flow to help grow their business.

Our dedicated team works with businesses in a wide range of industries. We can help you not only qualify for an array of incentives but also document your qualifications and defend them in the event they’re challenged by a taxing authority.

We provide solutions in a number of areas, including:


We look at how tax reform may affect taxpayers with tangible property and potential tax-saving strategies in our Alert.

On September 11, 2017, the IRS issued guidance for large business and international examiners regarding certain R&D tax credits under ASC Topic 730.

The Trump administration’s new tax plan aims to simplify the tax code and reduce business taxes. Here’s what we know about it so far.

The R&D tax credit not only exists to help large and midsize businesses receive a more immediate boost in cash flow, but it also benefits small and midsize businesses that either pay alternative minimum tax or don't have revenue. Are you eligible?

We provide an overview of three trends for 2017 to help businesses save tax dollars thanks to increased eligibility for many tax credits and incentives.

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