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Your guests always come first. As they should. But running a successful organization also means paying attention to the bottom line.

Our dedicated hospitality audit, tax, and consulting professionals offer a full range of solutions, each designed to help you sustain and improve business performance. With a growing roster of over 200 restaurants, hotels, resorts, and sports teams, we go beyond traditional accounting services, providing you with personal attention and a truly consultative approach tailored to meet your needs. Each of our engagements is led by a senior-level professional, and you’ll benefit from a close working relationship with that person. He or she will already have a deep understanding of the industry and the challenges your business faces—and the opportunities it can leverage.

In addition to providing traditional tax and assurance services, we frequently consult on private equity needs, whether your business is already backed or is seeking funds to help scale your concept. We also provide due diligence, prorations, and debt restructuring consulting for your property acquisitions and sales as well as cost segregation studies to help you defray tax costs by accelerating depreciation.

Leveraging our fraud-prevention knowledge and experience in hospitality operations, we can also help you analyze and tighten your internal controls, including point-of-sale, cash receipt, and food and beverage inventory controls, to help you reduce fraud risk and increase profits.


New legislation clarifies transient occupancy tax regulations for short-term rentals. Discover details and implications for online travel companies.

The 2017 tax reconciliation act represented the most sweeping rewrite of the federal tax code in more than three decades. These changes have created important tax planning opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. Our year-end tax planning guide can help you explore these changes and what they mean for you and your business.

Learn what an information security governance program is and how to implement one to protect your business from cyberthreats.

Tracking key performance indicators that drive growth isn’t easy. Learn some key steps to streamline your process and unlock insight.

The ASU, which introduces a new Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, fundamentally changes how companies across nearly every industry will recognize revenue.

In February 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-02, Leases, which provides new guidelines that change the accounting for leasing arrangements.

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