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Your company’s compensation and benefits package is vital to retaining your best employees and attracting top talent. The challenge isn’t simple: How can you best reward your employees while delivering the most value from your benefits dollars? And how will you measure the attractiveness of your offerings in an increasingly competitive marketplace?

Aside from striking a balance between the cost and competitiveness of your benefit options, you’ll need to tackle complexity at many levels—from understanding executive compensation plans, employee benefit programs, and health care offerings to navigating the cross-disciplinary web of rules and requirements that govern them.

The task can be daunting, but our dedicated professionals can help. We offer a full range of related services, from tax compliance and related payroll consulting to integrated plan design assistance and review of qualified retirement plans, tax-favored retirement plans, health and welfare plans, and nonqualified deferred compensation plans. And we’re able to provide these services to organizations both public and private, from small to Fortune 1000 and across industries.

Key Service Areas

Executive Compensation and Benefits

Your top executives play a critical role in developing strategy, driving growth, and, ultimately, determining your company’s success. You want to compensate them in a way that accurately expresses their value to your company and encourages them to stay for many years.

As you consider what type of compensation structure is best for your company, we can provide insight on fringe benefits, employer stock programs, and nonqualified deferred compensation plans for your executives, managers, sales professionals, and others. In the meantime we’ll help you comply with relevant regulations—such as IRC Section 409A—and steer clear of penalties

Health and Welfare Benefits

Changing health care laws have generated an array of complex decisions that will affect the competitiveness and cost-effectiveness of your employee health and welfare plans. We’re at the forefront of understanding health care reform and can provide innovative solutions that include:

  • Advising you on the design, compliance requirements, and tax impact of a wide range of health and welfare benefits options
  • Reviewing your internal controls and audit preparations
  • Providing training, documentation, and planning to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities
  • Helping you file required federal forms

We also provide a range of health care consulting services and assurance services for employee benefit plans.

Retirement Plan Programs

The vast array of available retirement plan options make it difficult to design one that optimizes cost, value, and employee retention. We can help your company with the design and selection process, identify and manage its responsibilities as a plan fiduciary, and find ways to improve your plan’s effectiveness. Our services include

  • Plan design and implementation
  • M&A due diligence and consulting
  • Plan review, analysis, and advice
  • Training, documentation, and planning
  • Management of IRS and Department of Labor investigations and other audit preparations
  • Filing of required federal forms

We also provide a range of assurance services for employee benefit plans.


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed several key employee benefits and may change the way employers deliver these benefits to employees. The tax impact felt by companies and their employees will be immediate. We cover the details in this webcast.

Tax reform limits or eliminates most deductions and exemptions for employee fringe benefits. Our Insight has details.

In this 401(k) Fridays podcast, Susan Mehlman, National Tax Director at Moss Adams, joins host Rick Unser to highlight the roles of the IRS and DOL in policing workplace retirement plans, describe how employers end up in the crosshairs of the IRS, and share strategies to help minimize the risk of an IRS audit or investigation.

We outline ASU 2017-07 and how it affects the reporting of net periodic benefit cost from defined benefit pensions and post-retirement benefits.

Our corporate landscape is increasingly global, making it challenging and complex for sponsors to organize benefit and retirement plans. Companies must diligently follow employment laws domestically and in foreign countries in which they operate.

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