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The following courses currently have CPE certificates available for download:

NameCourse IDDateCredits
So You Elected A-CAM, Now What?6526509/6/20192
Internal Audit Series: Managing Construction Contracts6523409/5/20191
Seattle Public Utilities 2019 Annual Update Training6527709/5/20190.5
Seattle Public Utilities 2019 Annual Update Training6527709/5/20191
Seattle Public Utilities 2019 Annual Update Training6527709/5/20191.5
Forms 1099 and 1042-S: Strategies for a Smooth Filing Season6526008/27/20191
GASB 87: Lease Accounting Changes for Tribes6521108/27/20191
Credits and Incentives for the FBA Industry6511108/22/20191
Oregon Regional Tribal Training6526208/22/20191
Oregon Regional Tribal Training6526208/22/20192
2019 International Tax Update – Form 5471, FDII, & Foreign Tax Credits6525008/20/20192.5
How to Make Educated Investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones6522908/13/20191
Tech Innovation and Disruption in Health Care Ecosystems6517708/13/20191
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - August 20196520208/12/20191
Construction Costs: Are You Paying More than You Should?6511508/7/20191
Benefit from Qualified Opportunity Zone Tax Incentive Programs6513408/6/20192
2020 Medicare Regulatory Update for Skilled Nursing Facilities6510607/30/20191
Reduce Financial Risk and Improve Security with IT Controls6512307/26/20192
Revenue Recognition for Health Care: Lessons Learned from Implementing the New Standard6512207/23/20191
Telecom Regulatory Reporting6510807/17/201913
Auditing & Accounting Update – Annual Training6530907/16/20191.5
Auditing & Accounting Update – Annual Training6530907/16/20193
Auditing & Accounting Update – Annual Training6530907/16/20193.5
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - July 20196507107/15/20191
2019 International Tax Update – Form 5471, FDII, & Foreign Tax Credits6510906/27/20192.5
An Overlooked Tax Credit for the Oil and Gas Industry6512006/27/20191
Audit Committee Education Summit6500806/25/20191
Audit Committee Education Summit6500806/25/20192.5
Fine Tune Your Financials: Investment, Structuring, & Reporting for Tribes6499906/25/20191
UK Value-Added Tax Changes and Implications for US Sellers6500206/25/20191
Operating Reserves: Being Prepared for the Next Rainy Day6500406/20/20191
2019 Fuel for Growth: Dealership Summit6500106/19/20191
2019 Fuel for Growth: Dealership Summit6500106/19/20192
2019 Fuel for Growth: Dealership Summit6500106/19/20193
Not for Profit Tax Law Roundtable6507606/18/20191
Pacific Northwest Credit Union Conference6500006/13/20191
Pacific Northwest Credit Union Conference6500006/13/20191.5
Pacific Northwest Credit Union Conference6500006/13/20192
The R&D Tax Credit: Benefits for Your Construction Company6496506/13/20191
GASB 84 - Fiduciary Activities6507506/12/20191
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - June 20196495706/10/20191
2019 Supervisory Committee Conference6493906/7/20191
2019 Supervisory Committee Conference6493906/7/20194.5
2019 Supervisory Committee Conference6493906/7/20197
Intermediate Telecom Accounting6497406/7/201912
Telephone Plant Accounting6497606/7/201913
Not-for-Profit Tax Update from Capitol Hill—Spring 20196496306/6/20191
What’s Special About Access Charges?6497306/6/201919.5
Implementing Lease & Revenue Recognition Standards6497206/5/201916.5
Telecommunications 1016497706/5/201918.5
Not for Profit Tax Law Roundtable6489606/4/20191
CABS 1016497106/3/20194.5
Making Excel Work for You6497506/3/20194.5
Not-for-Profit Accounting and Auditing: Spring 2019 Update6492105/30/20191
Portland Not-for-Profit Seminar6492005/29/20191
PNT Internal Audit Webcast Series - Internal Controls and Performance Audits6498305/28/20191
Bellingham Alumni CPE Event6482605/22/20191
How will the New Lease Accounting Standards Impact Health Care Organizations?6498005/21/20191
NorCal Regional Tribal Training6491005/21/20191
Internal Controls 1016490305/16/20196.5
Implementation Dates and Strategies6498705/15/20191
A-CAM II "The Decision Part 2"6494805/14/20191.5
Preventing Cyber Attacks: How to Deter Top-Trending Threats6488805/14/20191
Improving Cost Containment for Self-Funded Health Plans6482505/9/20191
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - May 20196488305/9/20191
Benefit from the Foreign-Derived Intangible Income Incentive6482905/7/20191
2019 Telecommunications Management Conference: A Path to Success6481905/3/20191
2019 Telecommunications Management Conference: A Path to Success6481905/3/20196
AEOI Overview: Reporting Requirements Under CRS and FATCA6488605/2/20191
How to Benefit from the Medicare Shared Savings Program6481805/1/20191
NFP Education Series - Market Outlook6488904/30/20192
Leases and Revenue Recognition for Technology Companies6479904/18/20191
Oregon Governmental Accounting Conference - Medford6479804/17/20191
Oregon Governmental Accounting Conference - Medford6479804/17/20192
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast – April 2019 6479304/11/20191
Oregon Governmental Accounting Conference6479704/9/20191
Oregon Governmental Accounting Conference6479704/9/20192
Oregon Governmental Accounting Conference6479704/9/20194
2019 Drive Plan6474303/28/20191
Qualified Opportunity Zones: Trends you should be following6471903/27/20191