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The following courses currently have CPE certificates available for download:

NameCourse IDDateCredits
Today’s Cybersecurity Threats in the Telecom Industry6586604/1/20201
Opportunities for Value-Based Care: The Direct Contracting Model6585103/17/20201
Patient Safety Week: Improve Patient Safety Through Lean6585203/11/20201
Best Practice for Improving Tribal Government Operations6585603/10/20201
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - March 20206584703/10/20201
2020 Bay Area Business Officers Group6585803/6/20201
2020 Bay Area Business Officers Group6585803/6/20201.5
RDOF Webcast 6583902/28/20201.5
The Form 990: Back to Basics—Understand Your Grantees’ Stories6584102/26/20201
Retail Outlook 2020 – Customer Focused, Digitally Driven6585302/25/20201
What’s Special About Access Charges?6582002/21/202024
2020 Telecom Regulatory Reporting6583002/20/202012
How to Manage Complex Changes and Achieve Corporate Stability6584502/20/20201
Cost Report Worksheet S-10: Past Audits and Future Compliance6581602/18/20201
The Corporate Activity Tax: What to Expect and How to Prepare 6572402/13/20201
Forms 1042 and 1042-S: What You Need to Know Before Filing6571802/11/20201
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - February 20206579302/10/20201
Tax Credits and Incentives Update for Health Care6583302/10/20201
Competitive Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Talent 6564701/29/20201
Post-Tax Reform Update: Implementation, Insight and Impacts6578401/28/20202.5
2020 Building Opportunity Conference - Sacramento6560701/23/20201
Lean: A better way for health care6561801/23/20201
Gift Acceptance Policies for Not-for-Profits6578301/16/20201
Tangible Asset Incentives Overview6561601/16/20201
Winter 2020 Not-for-Profit Tax Update6560801/16/20201
Cybersecurity for Finance Executives6561301/14/20201
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - January 20206569001/10/20201
2020 Agribusiness Seminar6568801/9/20201
HUBB Portal Reporting Training6570601/8/20201
Still Not Sure About Incentive Regulation for BDS? 6569701/6/20201
Understanding Financial Indicators for Financial Leadership6560312/19/20191
Year End Tax Planning Strategies for Health Care Organizations6558212/19/20191
WA Tribal CFO Roundtable - December6560012/17/20192
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - December 2019 6559912/13/20191
Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference6557912/12/20191.5
Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference6557912/12/20192
Program Overview: New Medicare Alternative Payment Models 6559812/12/20191
SoCal Tribal CFO Roundtable – December 20196559512/12/20192
Tax and Legal Issues with Complex Gifts - Webcast6559212/12/20191
Tax Reform Updates & Outlook6559712/12/20193
2019 Year-End Tax Update for Technology, Communications and Media, and Life Sciences Companies6557112/11/20191
Annual Advanced Co-op Tax Forum6557812/5/20199
Capital Credit Strategies for Telecommunications Co-ops6557612/4/20196.5
Improve IT Security with HITRUST CSF 6560912/4/20191
Disaster Planning: Five Steps to Protect Your Operations6527511/20/20191
[Webcast] Benefits of Medicare Shared Savings 6561911/19/20191
NorCal Regional Tribal Training - Fall 20196554111/19/20191
2019 Annual SALT Praxity Conference6572311/15/20193.5
2019 Annual SALT Praxity Conference6572311/15/20196
Northern California Financial Institutions Training – November 20196538411/15/20195
Bellingham Annual Business Owner & Accounting Professional Roundtable 6562111/14/20190.5
Bellingham Annual Business Owner & Accounting Professional Roundtable 6562111/14/20191
Denver Fall CPE Event6538311/14/20191
Denver Fall CPE Event6538311/14/20191.5
Denver Fall CPE Event6538311/14/20192
Denver Fall CPE Event6538311/14/20193.5
Preparing Employee Benefit Plans for 20206556811/13/20191
Building Opportunity Conference - Portland6540711/13/20191
Building Opportunity Conference - Portland6540711/13/20192.5
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - November 2019 6537311/8/20191
Vision 2020: Preparing for the Future of Health Care | 2019 Health Care Conference6537211/7/201913
2019 Board and Senior Manager Training6563311/6/20199.5
2019 Building Opportunity Conference - Seattle6536611/6/20191
2019 Building Opportunity Conference - Seattle6536611/6/20191.5
2019 Building Opportunity Conference - Seattle6536611/6/20192.5
Form 1099: Strategies for a Successful 2019 Filing Season 6556711/6/20191
How to Leverage California’s Consumer Privacy Act: Stay ahead in the era of privacy compliance6558311/5/20191
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification6535011/4/201942.5
Building Opportunity Conference - Eugene6536310/29/20191
Methods to Identify and Address Hidden IT Risk6527410/29/20191
NFP Education Series - Top Pitfalls for Private Foundations6555710/28/20191.5
NFP Accounting & Auditing: Fall 2019 Update6555410/24/20191
Benefits of Corporate Performance Management in Health Care6556610/22/20191
Palm Springs Regional Tribal Training6555010/18/20191.5
Palm Springs Regional Tribal Training6555010/18/20192
Palm Springs Regional Tribal Training6555010/18/20193.5
Accounting Update Oil & Gas for Merit Energy6558410/17/20191.5
Wenatchee Business Owners & Accounting Professional Roundtable 6525910/17/20190.5
Wenatchee Business Owners & Accounting Professional Roundtable 6525910/17/20191
Increase Customer Confidence with an Improved SOC Examination6528310/15/20191
The Decision Machine: Analytics and the Rise of AI 6553610/15/20191
How to Prevent Financial Loss and Address Emerging Fraud Risk6527610/10/20191
How to Navigate Strict Health-Care Fraud Regulations6531010/9/20191