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The following courses currently have CPE certificates available for download:

NameCourse IDDateCredits
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - March 20196472203/12/20191
2019 Trends for the Retail Industry6471203/7/20191
SoCal Tribal CFO Roundtable - March6471103/7/20191
Telecom Regulatory Reporting6470803/7/201912
Bay Area Business Officers Group6470903/1/20191
Reduced B&O Tax Rate for Aerospace & Defense in Washington6470602/28/20191
Reduce Departmental Division and Strengthen Business Operations 6469402/27/20191
Understanding Tax Changes for Fringe Benefits and Other Expenses6470702/27/20191
WA Tribal CFO Roundtable - February 20196469002/26/20192
Revenue Recognition for Health Care: Implementing the New Standard6469302/21/20191
Form 1042 and 1042-S Reporting: What Every Filer Should Know this Reporting Season6463102/20/20191
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast – February 20196463202/11/20191
Colorado Springs Not for Profit6469102/7/20191
GASB Update – Accounting Changes for Indian Tribal Governments 6458201/31/20191
Tax Consequences of Fringes6458001/29/20191
Change and disruption: Navigating the business cycle6446601/24/20190.5
Change and disruption: Navigating the business cycle6446601/24/20191
Outpatient Prospective Payments in 20196455901/22/20191
Update on Tax Reform’s Impacts to the Oil & Gas Services Space6454601/17/20191
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast – January 20196458301/14/20191
ASC 842 - The New Lease Standard6439401/8/20192.5
GASB 87: Lease Accounting Changes for Governments6442112/18/20181
Basics of Oil & Gas Accounting6444112/17/20183
Moss Adams USF Reform Order – Rapid Response Webcast: Part Two – A-CAM I & A-CAM I Revised6442512/17/20181
USF Reform Order – Rapid Response Webcast: Part One – Legacy RoR & A-CAM II6442412/14/20182.5
2018 Year-End Tax Update for Technology, Communications and Media, and Life Sciences Companies6436512/13/20181
Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference6436912/13/20180.5
Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference6436912/13/20181
Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference6436912/13/20182
Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference6436912/13/20183.5
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast – December 20186433312/13/20181
Seattle Public Utilities 2018 Annual Update Training6443512/13/20180.5
Seattle Public Utilities 2018 Annual Update Training6443512/13/20181
Seattle Public Utilities 2018 Annual Update Training6443512/13/20181.5
New Lease Accounting Standards Impact on Food, Beverage & Agribusiness6423612/12/20181
Financial Institution Year End Tax Update6436612/11/20181
Internal Audit Series: Contract Audits6431012/6/20181
Not for Profit Seminar6436412/6/20181
SoCal Tribal CFO Roundtable - December6430812/6/20182
Not for Profit Seminar 6436312/5/20181
Telecom Regulatory Reporting6442212/5/201811
Not for Profit Seminar6436212/4/20181
Not-for-Profit Accounting and Auditing: Fall 2018 Update6424411/29/20181
Draft USF Reform Order – Rapid Response Webcast6437611/28/20183
2018 Moss Adams Health Care Conference: Disruption | Innovation | Transformation 6428211/16/201813.5
Annual Advanced Co-Op Tax Forum6403811/16/20188.5
Implementing the New Lease & Revenue Recognition Standards6404011/16/201812.5
Compliance with GLBA as a Higher Ed Institution6424811/15/20181.5
Hein >> Moss Adams Alumni Ethics Course and Reception6414311/15/20182
Northern California Regional Tribal Training6430711/15/20181
SOC 2: A Deeper Dive into Implementing the 2017 Trust Services Criteria6427111/15/20181
Capital Credit Strategies for Telecommunications Co-ops6404311/14/20185
Seattle Building Opportunity Conference6430311/14/20180.5
Seattle Building Opportunity Conference6430311/14/20181
Seattle Building Opportunity Conference6430311/14/20183
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast – November 20186423511/13/20181
Annual SALT Praxity Conference6432411/9/20181
Annual SALT Praxity Conference6432411/9/20183.5
Annual SALT Praxity Conference6432411/9/20187.5
Annual Business Owners & Accounting Professional Roundtable6415511/8/20181
Tri-Cities Food, Beverage, and Agribusiness Symposium6429611/8/20181
Tri-Cities Food, Beverage, and Agribusiness Symposium6429611/8/20182
New Partnership Audit Rules Are in Effect - What Now?6427511/2/20181
A Generous State: Claiming Arizona’s R&D Tax Credit6424611/1/20181
Eugene Building Opportunities Conference6426411/1/20181
Eugene Building Opportunities Conference6426411/1/20182
NFP Education Series - Tax Update6419111/1/20181
Auditor Analysis: Retirement Plan Challenges and Best Practices6414910/30/20181
Portland Building Opportunities Conference6426210/30/20181
Portland Building Opportunities Conference6426210/30/20182
The ASC 730 Safe Harbor Directive: Benefits for Taxpayers Claiming R&D Credit6424510/25/20181
2019 Medicare Regulatory Update for Skilled Nursing Facilities6419510/24/20181
WA Tribal CFO Roundtable - October 20186412810/24/20181
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast – October 20186413910/11/20181
Bolster Your Vineyard’s Operations with a Strong Chart of Accounts6412010/10/20181
Regional Tribal Training6419010/9/20181
Regional Tribal Training6419010/9/20181.5
2018 Community Banking Conference6412109/28/20181
2018 Community Banking Conference6412109/28/20186
2018 Community Banking Conference6412109/28/20189
Cost Recovery and USF Strategy6403909/28/201813.5
Telephone Plant Accounting6387109/28/201812
Advanced Telecommunications Accounting6414209/27/201813.5
What's Special About Access Charges?6404109/27/201818.5
2018 Texas/New Mexico FAOG Meeting6414709/26/20181.5
Telecommunications 1016387009/26/201816.5