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Financial services companies face complex regulatory challenges—not least among them tracking, implementing, managing, and executing the requirements brought about by the Dodd-Frank Act. What’s more, the resources you can devote to these challenges are often limited. That’s what makes having a trusted advisor you can rely on so crucial.

Moss Adams has the expertise and experience to deliver mission-critical insights to help you make the right decisions, right now. We recognize that helping you succeed means delivering solutions, not just services. And it means being business consultants who happen to be accountants. It’s a philosophy that guides us in everything we do.

Accordingly, we deliver personal and flexible service from industry-leading teams experienced in your industry. Our dedicated Consumer & Specialty Finance Practice offers deep industry expertise backed by the reach and scope of one of the nation’s largest accounting and consulting firms.

Consumer and specialty finance companies we serve include:

Independent mortgage companies and mortgage real estate investment trusts.
Leasing companies, debt buyers, consumer finance companies, money brokers, and more.
Those that design, develop, or implement financial technology products or services.


The Moss Adams professionals you’ll work with focus exclusively on the financial services industry and have a keen understanding of both the challenges you face and the opportunities you can leverage. We also work across regions and specialty areas, which means you’ll benefit from wide-ranging expertise and access to all our senior-level technical and industry professionals—not just those in a given local office.

Our wide range of solutions can be tailored to your needs:


  • Collateral audits
  • SEC compliance services
  • Accounting for credit-impaired assets
  • Calculation and certification of minimum net capital requirements
  • Compliance examinations pursuant to federal reporting requirements
  • Performance audits for third-party service providers
  • Reviews of historical records


  • REIT tax planning and structuring
  • Recommendations for handling multistate taxation situations
  • Counsel on carried interest taxation
  • Executive and director compensation strategies


  • Regulatory compliance exams
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Bank Secrecy Act and anti–money laundering compliance examinations
  • Asset and liability management reviews
  • CFPB readiness assessments
  • Complex model validation and policy development
  • Business financial planning
  • Fraud prevention and recovery services
  • Credit underwriting and risk reviews
  • Loan portfolio analysis and credit review services


The Cayman Islands government extended the filing deadline for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and Common Reporting Standard.

Join us as we review the current state of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Common Reporting Standard (CRS). We’ll cover steps of the reporting process, address common reporting issues, and discuss requirements for meeting AEOI reporting requirements.

Basel III may require banking organizations to apply a 250% risk weight to MSAs deducted from CET1 capital.

Learn how a benefit claims audit serves as a cost containment strategy to help ensure your company isn’t losing money to improperly paid claims.

New accounting for leases will impact companies’ financial statements—as well as their loan agreements and debt covenants. We cover the impact on lenders and lessees.

In February 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-02, Leases, which provides new guidelines that change the accounting for leasing arrangements.

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