Individuals and Families

You’ve worked hard to provide for your family. Protecting prosperity, embracing opportunity, and building trusted relationships are critical to your continued success.

Strengthening your financial position and sustainability over time and across generations requires foresight from an early stage and consistent focus on evolving. We deliver a collaborative and customized service experience so your decision-making process aligns with your personal goals.

Whether your focus is on estate planning, family office, financial reporting, personal tax planning, charitable giving, insurance, or wealth management, it’s essential you feel secure that your business and personal affairs are safe and protected. Personal trust is of the utmost importance, allowing you to confidently discern various opportunities that come your way—many of which might not be in you and your family’s best interest.


Acting as the trustee of a family trust is an honor. It’s also a huge responsibility. These five principles will help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities in a way that keeps personal risk in check and helps you create a positive impact.

While initiating an estate plan can be intimidating for many reasons, it’s still important to have one in place. We give an overview of things to consider and ways to maintain your plan once it’s established.

Low interest rates directly impact your life insurance policy’s cash value and your premium. We offer some tips to help manage your investment.

Tax reform will have a varying impact on the deductibility of charitable giving in 2018 and beyond.

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