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Growth can mean different things to different organizations, and it can evolve as your business moves through various stages in its life cycle. At any given time, you may have your sights on geographic expansion, making an acquisition, growing top-line sales, increasing profitability, or building infrastructure. And while there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all solution for spurring growth or for managing it, having the right resources and information will give your organization a head start in the right direction.

For six weeks, we’ll be presenting a series of articles and resources with critical information and insight that will help you identify opportunities for growth and take advantage of them when they arise.

Growing Pains: When Do You Know It’s Time to Invest in Your Software Systems? | Video
Growing companies are bound, sooner or later, to come up against the limits of their IT systems. When do the challenges of working with disparate, outdated software systems outweigh the cost of replacing them? Five signs it’s time for change.

Ready, Set, Grow: Using Capital to Invest in Your Company’s Growth | Article
Companies looking to grow have many capital strategies available—from increasing working capital via lending to pursuing a private equity transaction or acquisition. We look at how these options work and where they fit into each stage of a company’s life cycle in this Insight.

How to Position Your Assets Through the Growth Cycle | On-Demand Webcast
The Great Recession and ensuing rebound was a period of intense contraction and expansion for many businesses. Now that we’ve made it to the other side, how do you manage your assets wisely for the years to come? In this webcast, we explore smart financial management of your liquid and illiquid assets to provide a decision-making framework for 2015 and beyond.

Get Growing: How to Build Value in Your Business | Article
Growing a business is a bit more complicated than cutting expenses and enjoying increased revenue. Instead, growth often hinges on building value within various aspects of your business. In this Insight, we shed light on seven ways businesses can begin adding value.

Building Value in Your Business | On-Demand Webcast
In this webcast, we review various contributors to value and how, by giving due attention to each, you can enhance your performance and bump your business up into the next league.

Giving Your Business Room to Grow Using Credits and Incentives | Article
What’s holding your business back from its growth objectives? For many, it’s simply a question of cash flow—a challenge tax credits and incentives can help solve by freeing up funds you can reinvest in your business. We look at some of the most widely claimed opportunities.

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