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People form the foundation of every organization. The quality of leadership and the satisfaction and success of personnel are imperative in order for a company as a whole to succeed. This might span administering how you manage a globalized workforce, administering an employee stock ownership plan, succession planning, sharpening your competitive edge, or how the recent same-sex marriage ruling might impact your business.
Over the next five weeks, we're presenting a series of articles and resources focusing on the people within an organization and the different factors that can help contribute to their success—and your organization’s.

Five Elements of Effective Succession Planning  |  Infographic
Every business is different, and so is every owner—but one milestone they all share is the need for a succession plan. Regardless of whether your successor is a family member, your management group, or a third party, succession is an event that affects your business, your family, your wealth, and your future—so it must be comprehensive to be successful.

Global Challenges for Benefit Plans  |  Article
Our corporate landscape is increasingly global, making it challenging and complex for sponsors to organize benefit and retirement plans. We give an overview of employment laws that companies must diligently follow domestically and in the foreign countries in which they operate.

An ESOP Can Lead to More Productive, Satisfied Employees  |  Article
An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) motivates, retains, and rewards employees who help make a business successful. It serves as a great exit strategy with some fantastic tax benefits, but it’s also a retirement benefit for your employees.

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