ESOP Valuations

Establishing the Value of Stock within ESOPs

Since 1984, we've performed more than 2,000 employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) valuations. Our clients include companies with as few as 20 employees and those with more than 1,000 employees. Our ESOP valuations are primarily prepared to establish the value of stock to be acquired.

Our industry-focused teams specialize in two types of ESOP valuations:

  • Initial ESOP transactions: We act as a financial advisor to the trustee in performing our valuation analysis, often preparing the necessary documentation for closing the transaction (e.g., a bridge letter and fairness opinion).
  • Annual ESOP update valuations

We also appraise the value of private companies for the purposes of sale or merger, estate and gift reporting, marital dissolution, option reporting, and other employee stock purchase plans.

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  • Are you a suitable candidate? 

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