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The new Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, fundamentally changes how companies across nearly every industry will recognize revenue. Learn more about how this affects you and your business as well as what’s required and the effective dates.

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Acting as the trustee of a family trust is an honor. It’s also a huge responsibility. These five principles will help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities in a way that keeps personal risk in check and helps you create a positive impact.

Tribes should update their benefits policies to comply with new law and guidance regarding when and if general welfare benefits provided to tribal members are taxable. The IRS is suspending audits and examinations until training provisions are completed.

Organizations of all sizes have risk—whether it’s in their operations, compliance, or financial reporting. We give an overview of these three main risk areas to help you find out where your risks are lurking so you can move on to correcting them.

Contractors frequently use life insurance to fund their buy-sell agreements. After all, it’s a simple mechanism to pay out cash when it’s needed. The catch? Most companies don’t revisit their policies frequently enough to keep them aligned with their buy-sells or their changing needs.

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