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The Moss Adams Telecom Seminars program is unique. You’ll learn from—and interact with—a carefully selected team of CPAs and telecom experts whose credentials were honed by working with organizations like yours. Our classes deliver up-to-date information in a setting where open dialogue is welcome between attendees and speakers. Whether you’re new to telecommunications accounting or a seasoned industry professional looking to better your business, we have a course to meet your training needs.


2017 Spring Management Workshop


Strategic Implementation of USF Reform
This day and a half USF Reform Workshop will help attendees better understand the details of the new and changed operational and regulatory requirements associated with these reforms and to start looking at strategies for financial success in this new regulatory environment.

2017 Seminars

An open forum which includes recent developments and trends and other advanced topics; course content is customized to suit those in attendance.

This course explores strategies to allocate and pay capital credits to increase revenue and keep pace with new services and competition.

CABS 101 is an introductory course that will cover the history of CABS, its terminology and acronyms, and its evolution.

This 2 1/2 day seminar will cover all aspects of CABS beginning when a call detail record enters the processing stream through to the end product CABS bill including all the processes and billing functions in between.

This is an excellent training or review course for company personnel who participate in the preparation of internal cost studies, are responsible for the coordination of cost studies performed by outside consultants, or are responsible for the review and certification of cost studies and USF filings to NECA and USAC.

This course will provide a detailed review of the leasing and revenue recognition standards and the specific impacts on telecommunications providers and will include interactive exercises related to implementation of the standards.

This seminar is ideal for management and accounting personnel with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the industry. The course covers financial analysis, reporting, and budgeting.

This course is designed to cover a range of areas and is ideal for everyone from beginner users to experts.

A successful business continuity program should regularly assess organization risks, no matter how well the organization is performing. In fact, it’s much more productive to determine your risk and have a migration plan in place before a disaster strikes.

This session will take an interactive case study approach to give a concise overview of accounting analysis related to interstate revenues and strategies and tactics for revenue accounting.

Telecom 101 is an industry orientation course with an accounting and finance focus.

This course provides a comprehensive overvie of the plant accounting cycle and the concepts of how network assets drive financial performance for diversified regulated rural carriers.

This is a must attend seminar for all staff involved in the preparation of FCC Form 481 and 499, including accounting, regulatory, and management staff.

2017 Schedule

Date Session Location CPE
5/1/2017 Making Excel Work for You Luxor Hotel 4
5/1/2017 Carrier Access Billing System 101 Luxor Hotel 4
5/1/2017 Telecom 101 Luxor Hotel 20
5/2/2017 Comprehensive Carrier Access Billing Luxor Hotel 20
5/2/2017 Strategic Implementation of USF Reform Luxor Hotel 12
5/3/2017 Cost Recovery and USF Strategy Luxor Hotel 16
5/4/2017 Telephone Plant Accounting Luxor Hotel 12
5/4/2017 Managing Telecom Operational and Cybersecurity Risks Luxor Hotel 12
10/9/2017 Making Excel Work for You Luxor Hotel 4
10/9/2017 Intermediate Telecom Accounting Luxor Hotel 12
10/9/2017 Telecom 101 Luxor Hotel 20
10/9/2017 Carrier Access Billing System 101 Luxor Hotel 4
10/10/2017 Comprehensive Carrier Access Billing Luxor Hotel 20
10/11/2017 Revenue Accounting: Overview and Strategies Luxor Hotel 20
10/11/2017 Cost Recovery and USF Strategy Luxor Hotel 16
10/12/2017 Telephone Plant Accounting Luxor Hotel 12
11/15/2017 Capital Credit Strategies for Telecom Co-ops Luxor Hotel 6
11/15/2017 Implementing the New Lease & Revenue Recognition Standards Luxor Hotel 15
11/16/2017 Annual Advanced Co-op Tax Forum Luxor Hotel 10

2017 Seminars Early Bird Discounts and Late Fees are as follows:

  • March course:
    Save $50 if registering by January 31; add $50 if registering after March 1.
  • May courses:
    Save $50 if registering by February 4; add $50 if registering after March 21.
  • October courses:
    Save $50 if registering by July 17; add $50 if registering after August 29.
  • November courses:
    Save $50 if registering by August 21; add $50 if registering after October 3.

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